Our Costa Rican ecotourism project is located near the small rural towns of La Alfombra and San Cristobal where our employees live. Our commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment is reflected in a number of initiatives. Out of our 110 hectar (280 acre) property, 90 hectares are primary and secondary rainforest, which we protect. The balance is pasture, where we have some cows and horses. We participate in a conservation program whereby its 84 hectares of natural forest are protected for the mitigation of greenhouse gases, the protection of the water resources and the preservation of the biodiversity and ecosystem. We are also involved in a reforestation program to plant pasture land  with various species of indigenous trees. About 5000 shade Arabica coffee plants have been planted with fruit and poro trees intermingled to provide shade as well as habitat for some species of birds. Hummingbirds particularly like the flowers of the poro trees. 

Our electrical power is produced by a renewable energy source, the river Magnolia, which runs through our property. A 12 kW hydro-electric system provides all of the electricity to the Lodge and is distributed to the various buildings by buried cable, thus protecting the wildlife from harm. We are located in the Path of the Tapir Biological Corridor, which was developed by a conservation group called ASANA, friends of nature. This biological corridor of forests allows habitat for the movement of wildlife. This year Rio Magnolia became part of UNESCO's Savegre Biosphere Reserve! Type your paragraph here.