​​Activities/Tours at Rio Magnolia-

All of these onsite tours are included with your stay. They are a great way to learn about the rainforest, river, flora and fauna, reforestation, micro-hydro plant and coffee farm.

We provide our guests with walking sticks, rubber boots and reusable water bottles.

Helping the community before you arrive- Rio Magnolia has started a program to collect school supplies for the local children of La Alfombra as they are quite expensive here and the school does not provide them. The children are between the ages of 7 and 12. If you are interested, we can send you a list.

Coffee Plantation, Farm and Rainforest Orientation Tour - Guided tour of our coffee plantation and processing facilities. Receive a bag of Café Rio Magnolia at the end of the tour. Tour days are posted in reception.

Early Morning Bird Walk - A guided morning bird/nature walk is available during your stay.

Toucan Trail Hike- Hike through the primary forest to observe the vegetation, spot birds and other wildlife. You can go by yourself or we can arrange a staff member to go with you.

Natural Waterslide Hike- Try out the natural waterslide.  This guided hike is a bit strenuous and is suited to those in fairly good physical condition. We provide helmets for your safety. Tour days are posted in reception. (During the rainy season the Waterslide may not be accessible)

River Grotto Hike - One hour hike to a private swimming hole in the river. Tour days are posted in reception. (During the rainy season the grotto may not be accessible)

Micro-hydro Plant TourGuided ½ - 1 hour hike over steep terrain to see where we generate the hotel’s eco-friendly electricity using only the water flowing in Rio Magnolia.  

Rio Magnolia Waterfall Hike -  3 to 4 hour hike to Magnolia Falls via a giant ceiba tree. We can arrange a staff member to lead you to the falls.  Enjoy a refreshing dip in falls. The hike is quite strenuous and is suited for those in fairly good physical condition. Tour days are posted in reception. (During the rainy season the falls may not be accessible)

For your safety please let one of our staff know where you are going when you venture out on our trails.

Lots to do at Rio Magnolia!