Café Rio Magnolia

Our coffee plantation is in Costa Rica’s “Brunca” Coffee Region which produces one of the finest coffees in the world. The steep terrain above the South Pacific slopes gives the area its unique humid micro climate. The coffee is grown in small plantation surrounded by primary rainforest allowing for the highest level of biodiversity imaginable. Natural tree species are planted throughout the plantations to provide shade, wildlife habitat and natural fertilizer from the decaying leaves as well as prevent erosion. Over 140 species of birds have been identified in the farm.

Our sustainable, 100% Arábica coffee, Café Rio Magnolia, is grown with the utmost care for the environment while striving to produce the best product achievable. Our focus is on quality, not quantity. The cherries are handpicked to ensure only the ripe ones with the optimal sugar content are used. We have our own micro processing facility so we can control and ensure the harvest is given the best handling, peeling, washing, fermenting and drying and sorting possible.

The beans are always peeled the same day as they are picked for optimum freshness. Our low water consumption peeling process, which is powered by our own micro hydro plant in the Magnolia River, is followed by solar drying giving us a natural eco-friendly product. We have the green beans custom roasted locally to our specifications. Our coffee pickers are all local residents and are paid by the hour at the same rate as our lodge staff and other farm workers. This ensures the pickers a fair wage and makes it easier for them to concentrate on the “best” beans, not the “most” beans. Our personal attention to quality control ensures superior taste and aroma in each cup.

All the coffee used in our eco-lodge is from our farm. Many guests take some home for gifts or for their own use. Café Rio Magnolia is also roasted and used in some restaurants in North America where the owners want only single source specialty coffee. Local restaurants also serve Café Rio Magnolia. We are very proud of our coffee and the way we work in harmony with the environment and welcome everyone to come and take our coffee tour and enjoy a cup of Café Rio Magnolia with us.

Buy our Coffee - Sorry, we currently cannot ship our coffee internationally due to the pandemic.

You can now purchase our homegrown specialty Café Rio Magnolia on-line
(unavailable until further notice) from North and South America and the EU. Both whole bean and ground are available. The cost of a 250g bag of coffee is $6 US plus postage. We recommend 8 bags (2 kilograms) or more as the shipping cost for the second kilogram (and subsequent kilograms) are about half of the first. You can always share the order with your friends. The coffee keeps well sealed in the freezer. Here are the costs in US$ including shipping.

North and South America
8 bag order (2 kg) - $75 ($9.40/bag)
12 bag order (3 kg) - $107 ($8.90/bag)

Please email
info@riomagnolia.comto order our Café Rio Magnolia. Also if you would like more than 12 bags or less than 8 bags, let us know and we can give you the cost.